Budell Discusses Water at Growing Better Annual Meeting

Rich Budell, Budell Water Group

As Florida once again welcomes nearly 1,000 new residents a day, balancing water supply and water needs becomes trickier – and more critical. Where do agricultural water needs fit, and how could new policies impact permit renewal?

Long-time water policy planner Rich Budell will provide a closer look at water supply planning activities being conducted by the state’s water management districts as well as how these issues affect CUP renewals at the TPF Annual Meeting Lunch on May 3.

Rich has more than 30 years’ experience both developing and implementing water resource protection and conservation policy and programs. He served as Director of the Office of Agricultural Water Policy with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for 17 years. He has appeared before United States House and Senate Congressional Committees on multiple occasions concerning water policy and has co-authored multiple sections of Florida’s comprehensive water resource protection and restoration law including:

• The Florida Watershed Restoration Act
• The Lake Okeechobee Protection Act
• The Water Protection and Sustainability Act
• The Northern Everglades and Estuaries Protection Act
• Agricultural Water Supply Planning
• The Environmental Resources Act.

Rich served on the National Academy of Sciences panel evaluating water restoration projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and is the former Chair of the Scientific Advisory Group for the Everglades.  He is now the managing partner of the Budell Water Group,  which advises public and private sector interests to promote development of comprehensive water resource protection programs. BWG educates stakeholders about persisting ecological problems and how to construct precise restoration efforts. Focused on long-term solutions, BWG strives to build a foundation of water resource protection plans that will benefit future Floridians.

The TPF Annual Meeting lunch is part of TPF’s Growing Better Annual Meeting & Show and will be held at the  Mission Inn Resort Conference Center on Thursday, May 3 beginning at 10:30 AM.  Cost is $45 per person; learn more or register online on our Events Page.