Tier 4, Tech, and Equipment Maintenance: Field Day Seminar

What’s Under the Hood?

How Tier 4 and new technology are changing equipment maintenance

   “Technology is a good thing – until it isn’t” just might sum up how you’re feeling about your equipment these days.

The EPA mandate for off-road diesel engines to meet strict emission standards (Tier 4, which went into effect in 2014) coupled with ever-evolving technology has created a major shift in how equipment is operated and maintained and has had a profound impact on the relationship between dealers and customers. It can also make operator training more challenging (and more critical) and repairs more frustrating.

TPF is hosting a pop-up seminar on how these new technologies have and will impact your farm operation at our Growing Better Field Day at Lake Jem Farms on Friday, May 4, with representatives from several major dealers who can help you with questions you may have about these changes.

Todd Bachman with Florida Coast Equipment will give a general overview of some key changes, including how data is collected for predictive maintenance and how warranties are impacted by the data collected. Jason Tucker with Everglades Farm Equipment and Lonnie Bertsch with MST Sod Equipment will also be on hand.

Growing Better Pop-Up seminars are designed to be short and to-the-point, giving you the information you need without a lot of fluff. The session will be held in the main tent area starting at 9:30 AM (check in when you arrive for the exact location).

This is an ideal session for your key operators, production managers, and mechanics, or if you have recently purchased or plan to purchase new equipment.

Regular Field Day registration is required; you do not need to register for the Pop-Up seminar in advance, but seating is limited.  Visit our Events page to register for this year’s Growing Better Annual Meeting & Field Day ($45 per person).

Photo Courtesy of Florida Coast Equipment.