Is Virtual Reality in the Future of Turf?

Is Virtual Reality in the Future of Turf?
Daniel Allen, Brouwer Kesmac


Virtual and Augmented reality have been on the rise in gaming and entertainment, but this immersive technology has shown it can innovate beyond the entertainment industry. From drone pilots, to aviation training and healthcare, virtual and augmented reality have proven their potential to become a fixture across different fields; one emerging trend being Virtual and Augmented Reality in agriculture.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most to go virtual this year, including John Deere who will distribute Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 goggles to media and clients, offering an immersive and visual experience while also educating people who aren’t familiar with agriculture. Another company experimenting with VR and 360 video is Brouwer Kesmac.

“We know our clientele are intuitive and like to see things in person. Much like test driving a car, we are exploring ways to offer our customers that intimate experience in the comfort of their home.”

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