One simple mission:  quality turf, responsibly produced, by a sustainable industry.

Turfgrass Producers of Florida is a not-for-profit association representing sod growers statewide since 1989

We’re dedicated to supporting quality production and a sustainable industry through research and collaboration to develop better varieties, address common production problems, and provide educational opportunities and information to help our members’ businesses thrive.

TPF members produce a wide range of turfgrasses for sport fields and golf courses, home lawns, parks and recreational areas, and commercial and roadside applications, all uniquely suited to Florida’s growing conditions.

From large operations to small family farms, our diverse members share another common goal: to seek out and utilize sustainable farming practices and support responsible landscape maintenance that protects our state’s resources while providing the environmental and lifestyle benefits of healthy turf and green spaces.

If you’ve played golf, cheered on your favorite soccer team, picnicked in the park or barbequed in your backyard, chances are the turfgrass you enjoyed was grown locally by one of our member farms, right here in Florida.

Our Board of Directors