C-GREEN-AG Biotechnology

ContactEric Herve
LocationJupiter, FL

     Introducing Physiopower®, the game-changing biostimulant from C-Green-Ag Biotechnology. As an American company based in Florida, we are proud to offer the most efficient line of biostimulants for agriculture on the market. Our proprietary and revolutionary industrial biotechnologies enable us to identify, isolate, and concentrate powerful natural compounds, providing unmatched results for turf and SOD.

    Physiopower® is specifically formulated and designed to enhance turf and SOD performance. By utilizing this biostimulant, you’ll experience significant improvements in root attachment, increased foliage, and enhanced tillering. Your crops will become healthier, more resilient, and better equipped to withstand high stress conditions, such as sun exposure and drought.

      At C-Green-Ag Biotechnology, we have collaborated closely with renowned SOD growers and scientists, conducting rigorous scientific agronomic studies on high-standard commercial farms in Florida. This has allowed us to build a solid foundation of scientific agronomic data, ensuring the effectiveness of Physiopower®.

     One of the key advantages of Physiopower® is its ability to reduce reliance on chemicals. With zero toxicity, you can minimize the use of harmful chemicals while still achieving outstanding results. This promotes a healthier and more sustainable approach to agriculture, benefiting both the environment and human health.

     To learn more about Physiopower® and its transformative benefits for turf and SOD, visit our webpage at https://cgreenag.com/products/physiopower.html. Discover how Physiopower® can revolutionize your agricultural practices, providing superior crop performance while reducing chemical inputs. Join us in embracing this innovative solution and take a significant step towards a more sustainable and productive future for your crops.