C-GREEN-AG Biotechnology

ContactEric Herve
LocationJupiter, FL

C-Green-Ag Biotechnology is an American company based in Florida. Relying on proprietary and revolutionary industrial Biotechnologies, we identify, isolate and concentrate very powerful natural compounds to formulate and set the most efficient line of Biostimulants for agriculture ever produced on this market segment.  Physiopower® is the ultimate biostimulant specifically formulated and designed for Turf and Sod. You will gain in root attachment, more foliage with an improved tillering within a healthier crop capable to endure high stress. (sun exposure and drought) We have built with Physiopower® a solid scientific agronomic data, all achieved with the most reputed sod growers and scientists within the high standard commercial farms here in Florida. Physiopower® allows you to reduce your chemicals (zero toxicity) and is family friendly.  Visit our website to learn more.