TriEst Ag Group

ContactT.J. Swaford
Location7610 US Highway 41 N, Palmetto, Florida

For nearly 50 years, is has been a privilege for Hendrix and Dail, Inc., to provide fumigation services to the Turf Industry. In January of 2011, Hendrix and Dail, Inc. merged with Hy-Yield Products and Reddick Fumigants to form TriEst Ag Group, Inc. TriEst Ag Group will continue the tradition of providing quality fumigants, experienced applicators and superior service to our customers. Our services include custom and precise application of soil fumigant products to control weed, weed seed, nematodes, and soil borne pathogens. TriEst Ag Group’s commitment to the Turf industry stretches acrosss North America, Central and South American and the Caribbean Islands. Our network of affiliated companies can assist you in other areas of the globe. Please call one of our regional offices to discover how TriEst Ag Group can contribute to the success of your business.